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These make splendid presents – not only for weddings, but also for anniversaries and other special occasions. Invitations are mounted on gold with gold wash lines around them. Trays are Black-Blue with gold edges, creating a most elegant effect, other colours can be available on request. We can mount all sorts of shapes and sizes of invitations, but please be aware that extra work can be involved with multi-layered or complex invitations.

The trays measure 55cm X 41cm. They can be supplied with either Classic or Occasional stands if required (see Butler Tray Stands for details). There are two styles available: the ‘Butler’ (top picture) has raised handles and the ‘Georgian’ (bottom picture) has level ends.

Price: The basic cost of the Wedding Invitation Tray is £110 (plus Postage & Packaging). There might be small extra charges for any complicated additional work, see the Price List for details. Gold or silver lettering can be added, as can multiple cards or images. Please see the ‘Bespoke Trays’ page.

Please send a clean invitation (two if possible) protected by card or in a reinforced envelope. Enclose together with the Order Form. Allow 28 days for completion; it is sometimes possible to make a tray in a shorter time, but please contact us beforehand should this be required.

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